Clenagene (Clenbuterol) is a substituted phenylaminoethanol that has beta-2 adrenomimetic properties at very low doses. It is used as a bronchodilator in asthma.
Clenbuterol selectively binds to and activates beta-2 adrenergic receptors in bronchiolar smooth muscle, thereby causing stimulation of adenyl cyclase,
the enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to cyclic-3′,5′-adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). Increased intracellular cAMP
levels cause relaxation of smooth muscle. In addition, clenbuterol also stimulates central nervous system (CNS), and causes an increase in blood pressure
and heart rate due to both beta-2 and beta-1 adrenergic activities. This agent may also exert an anabolic or anti-catabolic effect due to as of yet
unidentified mechanisms.

As a ß2 sympathomimetic, clenbuterol has also been used as a performance-enhancing drug.

Use over the recommended dose of about 120 µg can cause muscle tremors, headache, dizziness, and gastric irritation. Persons self-administering the drug
for weight loss or to improve athletic performance have experienced nausea, vomiting, diaphoresis, palpitations, tachycardia, and myocardial infarction.
Use of the drug may be confirmed by detecting its presence in semen or urine.

Each tablet of Clenagene contains Clenbuterol 40mcg

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